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L'huître de la Baie de Morlaix

6 topics, 30 events during, 7 days about oysters

Carantec Oyster Festival - English overview

The seaside town of Carantec is throwing an Oyster Festival to celebrate its most renowned shellfish from Thursday 27 April to Wednesday 3 May. Offering oyster menus, tasting sessions, accompanying beer, and much more, most activities are free or offer special rates.

A host of activities and events on offer for all ages throughout the Oyster Festival week.

Artistic itinerary

A medley of exhibitions for art enthusiasts will be on show, from paintings and photography to ink drawing, sculptures, and artistic installations, with oysters or the sea itself as a common thread.

Gastronomy,  gustatory experiences, and live cooking

A tasting menu to delight foodies will be served at a fixed price in many of the town’s restaurants, featuring Carantec oysters, of course, paired with a locally brewed beer. As for the “Mouth-watering Gustatory Experience” evening on Monday 1 May, an array of chefs – one with a Michelin star – will rustle up extraordinary delicacies to woo your palate right in front of your eyes. Limited availability, book now!! 

Sporting events and rambling off the beaten track

Take an exploratory tour through the back alleys and coastal lanes of Carantec and discover a host of surprises along the way on 30 April at 9.30am. For those who like a challenge, the running route offers the same activities. With flavoursome refreshments dotted along the itinerary, the morning promises fun and physical activity rolled in one. For its last edition, 300 people took part, so sign up now !

Golfers rejoice ! The Baie de Morlaix Golf Club, is holding a competition to celebrate the event on its absolute gem nine-hole course with stunning views overlooking the Clouët Beach.

Culture, trades, science, and ecosystem

Festivities will continue into the night with a line-up of singers and concerts. Sea lovers and seafarers can take part in conferences on ship building, the return of flat oysters, and shellfish farming and climate change, which will shed light on the future of oysters in Brittany and along the Channel’s coasts.

Visits to oyster farms and special workshops are laid on for kids and the inquisitive to discover the work behind the oyster trade..

La plus grosse huître du monde trouvée à Carantec L'huître draguée en novembre 2022 sur un parc ostréicole de la Baie de Morlaix d'un poids de 2.3 kgs -à comparer aux 300 grammes des grosses huîtres de type pieds de cheval-. Agée d'au moins une quinzaine d'années, elle illustre la capacité de ses gènes à résister aux maladies. Elle a été remise à l'eau par son inventeur. ©GB
Un pied de cheval de Carantec Ce terme "pied de cheval" désigne les grosses huîtres plates. Elles pèsent environ 300 grammes, et sont le plus souvent destinée à être cuisinées et servies chaudes. ©GB
Huître servie au restaurant Nicolas Carro à Carantec ©Olivier Dany
Ouverture d'une huître Tout juste sortie de l'eau un ostréiculteur ouvre et savoure une huître ©Pascaline Noack
Ouverture d'une huître Huître ouverte avec une lancette par un ostréiculteur. ©Alban Couturier